System Account Hierarchy

18 November 2019

As notified on 1 November 2019, system hierarchy changes were made to Resus over the weekend of 16 and 17 November 2019. As a result of the changes made, we are now experiencing Resus system issues.

We have therefore taken the decision to roll back the planned changes to enable us to resolve the issues encountered and reimplement the upgrade at a later date.

Orders will continue to be processed as normal. Should you encounter any issues however, please speak to your Customer Services Advisor.

For customers placing orders via EDI, please disregard any error message as your orders will be processed as normal.

1 November 2019
In July 2018, we published an article regarding important changes being made to our system account hierarchy. This update would require all customers to have a unique District Code and Requisition Point Prefix within our Resus computer system.

With our trusts help we have completed the required preparation to update our system account hierarchy, over the past year.

Benefits of the upgrade to trusts:

  • Trusts currently served by multiple NHS Supply Chain depots can be hosted electronically by a single depot, whilst still receiving deliveries from multiple depots. As a result, trust staff no longer need to log into different depot environments for different delivery locations. This is of particular benefit to trusts who communicate their orders to NHS Supply Chain via Electronic Data Interface (EDI). Further details will be communicated to applicable customers following the upgrade.
  • Further improve our business resilience and continuity solutions.
  • The resolution of some long standing system anomalies.
  • A major milestone in the eventual introduction of a replacement for Resus.

This work is now complete, and we will be making system hierarchy changes to Resus over the weekend of 16 and 17 November 2019.

Trusts should not see any impact to service following the upgrade. However, if you do experience an issue, we have a hypercare team. This team is available to assist you from 18 November to 22 November:

Telephone: 0203 321 5230
PIN: 10 35 48 68 1#
Skype link: Hypercare Team