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Trust and Savings Reports now updated to include GS1 data

16 January 2018

To support the Department of Health’s Scan4Safety initiative, and as part of the next phase of our compliance journey to enable our customers and suppliers to be able to trade using global coding standards (GS1), we have made some modifications to our customer reports.

Both our Trust and Savings reports now include data fields to display Global Location Number (GLN) and Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) data.

Please note when running your Trust or Savings reports:

  • GTIN codes will only be visible where suppliers have provided us with their GTIN data.
  • GLN codes will only be visible against your requisition points where these have been provided by your trust.

See our Downloads ▼ section to view examples of the updated reports for some of our most frequently run customer reports.

See our Useful Links section to view our updated Trust Savings Reports user guide.

Further information

Should you have any queries regarding these changes, please contact our helpdesk:

Client Services Helpdesk

0800 086 8670

Downloads ▼

  • Trust report

    Sample TR21 Line detail comparison
  • Trust report

    Sample TR22 Search by transaction comparison
  • Savings reports

    Sample CPS (Customer procurement savings) Portfolio
    year to date comparison
  • Savings reports

    Sample CPS (Customer procurement savings) Portfolio
    by month comparison
  • Savings reports

    Sample CPMI (Customer procurement market influences)
    Indexation Portfolio comparison