UK Transition

23 December 2020

Exiting EU Preparation

Importing goods from January 2021: The UK Global Tariff

  • As we get closer to the end of the transition period – 31 December 2020 – it is important that all suppliers are aware of changes they should be preparing for.
  • These preparations should be completed ahead of 1 January 2021.
  • This includes new trading rules if your business imports goods from overseas.
Ship Docking at the Port

What is the UK Global Tariff (UKGT)?

  • The UKGT is the UK’s independent ‘Most Favoured Nation’ tariff. This is a schedule of taxes to be paid on goods imported into the UK from January 2021.
  • The UKGT will replace the EU’s Common External Tariff.
  • The UKGT will not apply to goods imported from a country that the UK has a trade deal with, a country that is part of the Generalised Scheme of Preferences or where an exception applies.

Where can I find out more information?

  • See our Useful Links section for a set of resources and further details for suppliers direct from the UK government.

29 July 2020

Now that the UK has left the EU, the transition period will come to an end this year. In early July, the government launched a new public information campaign, ‘The UK’s new start: let’s get going’.

This campaign sets out the actions that both businesses and individuals need to take with a message of ‘Check, Change, Go’ in order to prepare for the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020. These actions will help to ensure readiness to seize the opportunities that next year (and beyond) will bring.

Steve Oldfield, Chief Commercial Officer at the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) recently shared a letter with suppliers, relating to the continuity of the supply of medicines and medical products to the UK at the end of 2020 and beyond.