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Update on eDC and Home Delivery Service Ordering Issues

17 September 2021

Over the last three weeks we have experienced two incidents where the catalogue refresh that populates our Electronic Data Capture (eDC) and Home Delivery Service (HDS) systems has failed to update.

We believe that the cause of the recent failures has been identified and is due to the high volume of catalogue feeds that are sent on a daily basis to third party Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers.

It became apparent that due to the size and volume of feeds requested, these were unable to complete in the allocated time frame. This in turn has caused the catalogue refresh to fail resulting in some users being unable to process their demand.

As result we have initiated a series of housekeeping actions to disable a large number of legacy/unused catalogue feeds.

Any third party EDI providers or NHS trusts that this could impact have either already been contacted or will be contacted directly in the near future to advise of actions required, whilst remedial work is already underway.

Should you have any concerns or need any further support please contact the Client Services Helpdesk:

Client Services Helpdesk