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Withdrawal of Support for Internet Explorer

26 May 2022

End of life product

Microsoft Internet Explorer is now end of life in the Microsoft Lifecycle Policy, which means that support is gradually being withdrawn.

The final version of Internet Explorer, version 11 (IE11) will start to be supported in fewer places, ahead of final support withdrawal.

IE11 is going end of life on 15 June 2022. Meaning that for most Windows versions, using the IE11 desktop application goes out of support for most Windows 10 users.

Alternatives to Internet Explorer

To access NHS Supply Chain sites and applications, you can use:

  • Microsoft Edge (preferred browser)
  • Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge is installed by default as part of all Windows operating systems and includes compatibility for Internet Explorer.

Users with compatibility issues

We understand that some older applications that users have may only work correctly in Internet Explorer. The official Microsoft guidance is to use Microsoft Edge in the specific IE mode, enabling continued use of these ‘IE only’ applications.

Most other websites should now be accessed using a more up to date web browser such as Edge or Chrome, which use similar technology and have many common features.

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