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£54m of potential savings1 identified across 15 key compare and save product areas

Tuesday 26 August 2014

Backed by the Department of Health and the Cabinet Office, our comparative savings opportunities programme has delivered £1.6m savings2 in 2014 and enabled us to identify a further £54m of potential savings1 across 15 key compare and save product areas. This is equivalent to 1,800 band 6 nurses3.

With over 100 compare and save product areas in scope for the programme, we expect the value of potential savings opportunities to rise over the coming months and into 2015.

Breakdown of potential savings1 across the 15 compare and save product areas in order of value (£)

Product areasPotential national saving (£) Save average of (%)
Surgical Sutures £9,323,089 23%
Disposable Wipes and Cleaning Cloths £8,951,853 31%
Exam Gloves £8,296,721 16%
Suction Consumables £4,704,129 20%
Haemostats £4,577,174 60%
Enteral Feeding Devices £3,893,348 22%
Intravenous Cannulae £3,255,285 11%
Disposable Continence Care £2,987,200 12%
Blood Collection Systems £2,947,154 8%
Tourniquet - Single Use £2,197,612 44%
Clinical Waste Containers £1,249,965 8%
Tissue Adhesives £943,442 21%
Hearing Aid Batteries £505,108 10%
Bowel and Faecal Management £471,618 21%
Gravies, Stocks and Sauces £30,756 6%
Total £54,334,454

See our press release for more information about our comparative savings opportunities programme.

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Further information

For more information on how our comparative savings opportunities programme can help you spend less but deliver more, visit or speak to your dedicated NHS Supply Chain account manager.

Potential savings have been calculated based on the band 1 price of the primary product (i.e. the products currently used by Trusts) minus the band 1 price of the alternative product multiplied by the last 12 months actual quantity purchased. Prices and quantities are correct at the time of printing. Alternatives have been highlighted by NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement suppliers which highlight contract price differentials. Alternatives are of similar products and Trusts will need to carry out their own review in order to see if they are suitable for their own requirements. Savings opportunities may be impacted by local pricing. Potential savings opportunities are based on the lowest available band 1 priced alternative across the framework agreement’.

  1. These savings have been calculated based on the Year on Year cash releasing savings, Base price minus price paid multiplied by the quantity purchased. Savings have been calculated based on the purchase history of customers, where the sales have stopped on one (or more) products and then started on the identified alternative product.
  2. Source: Band 6 nurse average salary, Payrates, 2013/14.

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