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New Desktop Stationery Core Range

Desktop Stationery Core Range

Be part of the £5.8m* potential national savings on desktop stationery

Wednesday 15 October 2014

In line with our £150 million cash releasing savings target to deliver by March 2016, we are pleased to announce potential national savings of £5.8m* (average of 40%*), via a range rationalisation and eAuction on Desktop Stationery. This will see our current range of approx. 8,500 lines be reduced to a new core range of just 159 essential items that every trust uses. We recently ran a Webex session to ensure that trusts would be ready to buy from this new range. If you didn’t get a chance to join, you can find the information on our website.

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This project has been led with key intelligence from our Customer Board. It started in October 2013, after feedback that our desktop stationery range was too large, too confusing for trusts when ordering and that having such a large range led to an inefficient purchasing culture in the NHS.

Initially the rationalisation project was confined to the North West region. We worked in collaboration with NHS trusts in the region to pull together a robust list. The consultation process involved a cross section of staff from community, acute, and from all levels, to test this. Once a rationalised range was agreed, all NHS trusts in the North West region were given the opportunity to feedback. It was then tested with trusts across other regions. The new core range covers 159 essential desktop stationery items that all trusts purchase.

Stephen McGarry, Procurement lead for Lancashire Care NHS Foundation said, “We worked in collaboration with NHS North West Procurement Development and a number of NHS trusts in the region to pull together a robust range. Early benchmarking of the spend would indicate a savings opportunity as high as £1m within the NW region alone by reducing the choices available and improving commitment on a rationalised best value range."

Whilst this range represents a potential national saving of £5.2m via the rationalisation, sustainable and on-going cash-releasing savings will be also delivered on a six monthly basis by the use of regular eAuctions, which will see sole award per line. The first of these eAuctions has been run on these 159 lines which has delivered a further £600k saving, on top of the projected rationalisation savings, to give a total potential national saving of £5.8m.

In addition to the projected potential savings, this project will also deliver other benefits to trusts that purchase from it. It will be less confusing when ordering, thus reducing the admin burden and all items will be brought into stock ensuring a consistently high service level to our customers, our aim being to have a 100% service level on these lines.

The new core range of the 159 products awarded in the eAuction of desktop stationery will be available to start purchasing from October 2014, when all other desktop stationery lines, with the exception of these 159, will be no longer available. There are some important steps you will need to take to ensure you are ready to buy from the new core range and our team is here to help you.

What to do next

  • Your Account Manager will be in touch to go through specifically how this change affects you and your projected savings figure
  • Make use of the support available above
  • Ensure staff at all requisition points are aware of the change

Week commencing 27 October 2014

  • Ensure your favourites’ lists are amended if required
  • Amend or set up any masking if required

Transfer all orders over to the new codes by Friday 31 October.

Useful Downloads

Information to help you is available to download here.

Desktop Stationery Core Range Catalogue
This includes line listings with unit of issue and NPCs of the full core range.

Download Catalogue blue arrow

Desktop Stationery Core Range October 2014 Price List

Download Price List blue arrow

Desktop Stationery Core Range - FAQs

Download FAQs blue arrow

Desktop Stationery Core Range – Systems How to Guide
A ‘how to’ guide to help you make any essential changes to your ordering systems including favourites, standing orders, global updates, masking, eDC and EDI.

Download Guide blue arrow

Matrix of old vs. new codes
A full list of old codes mapped to their alternatives on the new core list.

Download Matrix blue arrow

Backlist request process

Download PDF blue arrow

WebEx - Presentation Slides
View our WebEx regarding commercial and implementation information.

Download WebEx Presentation blue arrow

Contact us

To enable us to ensure continuity of your supply, and to express your interest in this project, please contact us.

* This is a potential national saving, which has been calculated using pricing and purchasing data from 01/02/13 to 31/01/14, and is based on the same volume of customer orders which were placed in that period, being placed in the next 12 months, and by comparing the pricing of the available 168 lines to the pricing on the lines which were previously purchased, in that period, under the Framework Agreement.

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