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Working with you over the Christmas and New Year Period.

Tuesday 13 November 2018

To help you through the Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays, we would like to share with you the plans we have in place to ensure you receive the important service care you require for your organisation.

Christmas and New Year Bank Holidays.

Customer Services will be closed and not making deliveries on Tuesday 25 December, Wednesday 26 December or Tuesday 1 January.

If you normally have a Tuesday or Wednesday delivery, please speak to your Customer Service Advisor to discuss your requirements over the Bank Holiday.

Please see below for our ordering and delivery schedule during this period.

Please note, to ensure your delivery is not delayed and arrives on your scheduled delivery day, there may be a need to input your order earlier than usual.

Christmas and New Year Ordering and Delivery Schedule.
Order Input Date Delivery Date Delivery Comment
Thursday 20 December Monday 24 December As usual
Friday 21 December Thursday 27 December Change to usual schedule
Monday 24 December Friday 28 December Change to usual schedule
Tuesday 25 December Closed for input and delivery -
Wednesday 26 December Closed for input and delivery -
Thursday 27 December Monday 31 December As usual
Friday 28 December Wednesday 2 January Change to usual schedule
Monday 31 December Thursday 3 January Change to usual schedule
Tuesday 1 January Closed for Input and Delivery -
Wednesday 2 January Friday 4 January As usual


Evening and night time deliveries (out of hours)


  • The last delivery before the Bank Holiday will be on the evening / night of Sunday 23 December.
  • Deliveries will resume on the evening/night of Wednesday 26 December.

New Year

  • The last delivery before the Bank Holiday will be on the evening / night of Sunday 30 December.
  • Deliveries will resume on the evening / night of Tuesday 1 January.

eDirect and Blue Diamond supplier closures

A number of our eDirect and Blue Diamond suppliers are closed during the festive period. Orders placed for these products will have a longer lead time for delivery. Customers should make allowance throughout December for the impact of these longer lead times when placing orders. Order delivery dates will be automatically amended to the earliest available date to accommodate all scheduled closures.

Please see the supplier closure list here to support you when making deliveries.

Happy to help you

Orders placed around these dates in December and January, may be affected by Bank holiday closures, please refer to the delivery schedule above to understand how this may affect your orders.

Please support us in delivering a successful service to the NHS during the upcoming Bank Holiday period by taking the following steps:

  • Review your wards and departments who normally have Tuesday / Wednesday deliveries only. Consider if they will require a delivery on an alternative day, plan accordingly and advise Customer Services which day demand will be moved to.
  • Complete any stock build as early as possible avoiding double orders in the week before a Bank Holiday.
  • Consider the Blue Diamond and eDirect products you require, taking into account product lead times to ensure you receive deliveries on time.
  • Speak to your Customer Service team to discuss your ordering plans; your advice will support our operations and transport teams in effectively planning resource to deliver your requirements on time.
  • If NHS Supply Chain only deliver to your site on a Tuesday / Wednesday and there is a need to explore an alternative delivery day, please contact your Customer Service Advisor who will seek to arrange an additional delivery during the Bank Holiday period.
  • To ensure continuation of standing orders during the Bank Holiday period, review them at least a week prior to the holiday by using your internal reports TR23 on our website. Please contact Customer Service if you require any assistance in doing this.

Roll cage management

The return of roll cages is vital to ensuring we continue to deliver to you on time and using the preferred containers, even more so, on the approach to a Bank Holiday when demand increases. Please ensure all departments return cages to stores promptly and are not used for storage, laundry or any other purpose that would delay their return to NHS Supply Chain. Contact Customer Services if you have any concerns about our frequency of containers collections, or about container misuse by third parties.

Urgent or unexpected orders

  • If you have urgent, unexpected or larger than normal requirements, please contact us. Our Customer Service Advisors can help you plan during demanding times in the lead up to the Christmas / New Year Bank Holiday. 

Actions and timescales

Any advice you can provide regarding your Bank Holiday demand planning is very important in supporting planning of both resource and equipment at our distribution centres.

We have contacted you earlier than usual this year regarding Christmas and New Year, due to the more difficult nature of the way the Bank Holiday will fall; making advance planning even more important.

Should you require any advice or prefer to discuss your Bank Holiday planning by telephone, in the first instance please speak to your contact below: for Alfreton depot for Bridgwater depot for Bury depot for Maidstone depot for Normanton depot for Rugby depot for Runcorn depot

And finally...

We recognise the Christmas and New Year Bank Holiday is a busy period and we would like to thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Delivering value to the NHS