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Working with NHS Barnsley CCG to provide high quality standardisation of diagnostic equipment

The working relationship between us was open, transparent and detailed.

Ann Lightowler, Service Development Manager, NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group

Monday 27 July 2015


NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is a clinically-led commissioning organisation based in South Yorkshire that is committed to ensuring high-quality and sustainable health care for the people of Barnsley.

The CCG identified variations regarding the provision of patient diagnostics within Barnsley, with some patients being referred to secondary care for tests that could have been performed at their own GP practice. Furthermore, an investment in innovative diagnostic equipment, supported by an educational programme in all Barnsley practices would reduce health inequalities and hospital outpatient attendance alongside helping to diagnose long-term conditions earlier. It was decided that the most effective way to achieve this would be to standardise and introduce ECG monitors.

With 37 GP practices in Barnsley, the challenge for the CCG was to ensure that all key stakeholders had the opportunity to be involved in the process and that the selection of supplier was not only transparent and fair, but also comprehensive and future proof.


The CCG worked with NHS Supply Chain and Yorkshire and Humber Commissioning Support in a dynamic partnership to evaluate and select a preferred supplier with the involvement of relevant stakeholders.

Supplier responses were comprehensively evaluated against three key sections:

  • Quality
  • Financial
  • Presentation

A number of practice personnel were invited to take part in evaluating supplier presentations.


The CCG were pleased that the scoring process supported the unanimous user vote during the presentation with the following outcomes:

  • 52 ECG monitors purchased, standardising this equipment across GP practices.
  • Saving 30% by buying through NHS Supply Chain
  • The CCG saved time, resource and additional investment that would have been required to conduct their own tender process.

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