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Capital Equipment Maintenance cover expires 31 March

Your cover is at risk of lapsing

Does your Capital Maintenance contract expire on 31 March 2015?

Wednesday 4 March 2015

We are here to help with your Maintenance contract renewals, simplifying the process to avoid lapsed equipment cover, and avoid unplanned expense due to breakdowns.

Some existing Maintenance contracts purchased from our framework agreement will expire on 31 March. The deadline for us to receive your renewal purchase order (PO), ensuring continuity of cover was 2 March.

Without your order in place we cannot guarantee suppliers will continue to provide cover past the contract expiry date nor on-time financial renewal incentives. Our expert team can help. Please get in touch with your PO as a matter of urgency and we will work with you to try and ensure your renewal is completed on time; making the process as smooth as possible.

Due to increased volumes we cannot guarantee that orders received between 3 March and 28 March will be processed by the contract expiry deadline. However, we will keep you informed as to when they are administered, working with our suppliers to ensure this is as seamless as possible and avoiding any associated risks of lapsed cover.

If you are unsure if you have relevant contracts or for more information, please contact us. We provide Capital Maintenance equipment cover to over 560 NHS sites, supporting over 50,000 NHS assets. Working with over 112 suppliers, covering 217 equipment areas, we offer more than any other route to market, free of charge.

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* This is a potential national saving, which has been calculated using pricing and purchasing data from 01/02/13 to 31/01/14, and is based on the same volume of customer orders which were placed in that period, being placed in the next 12 months, and by comparing the pricing of the available 168 lines to the pricing on the lines which were previously purchased, in that period, under the Framework Agreement. † Based on point 25 for band 6 nurses, using NHS Agenda for Change payscales at

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