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Capital Solutions 2017 Customer Survey

Tuesday 12 September 2017

We value your feedback

To ensure that we continue to deliver a consistent customer service, we undertake a monthly telephone survey, via an external company, who ask about your experience of utilising our service.

The feedback provided is extremely important to us as it allows us to make continuous improvements to our offering alongside resolving any issues that may have been raised.

In response to recent survey insights, we are in the process of introducing new templates, and standardising existing ones, to provide further clarity on how our frameworks and initiatives work.

Should you receive a call requesting your participation in the survey, we would be extremely grateful to receive your responses to the questions asked. If you are able to relate to specific examples, this would greatly assist us in implementing improvements.

Whilst you have the option to remain anonymous and retain your contact information, we would welcome the opportunity to liaise with you directly regarding any issues raised. The detail provided will enable us to work towards putting a suitable solution in place.

Should you have any questions regarding the customer survey, or how the information is utilised, please contact your Regional Account Manager.

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