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Capital Solutions - A simpler procurement process

Thursday 29 September 2016

In last month’s news article the development of Multi Trust Aggregation (MTA), a mechanism of aligning and aggregating spend on medical equipment, was explored to raise awareness of one of the services provided by NHS Supply Chain to drive savings back to the NHS.

The Capital Equipment Team, which sits within Capital Solutions, have supported trusts to generate £1,441,195 in incremental savings via MTA. Alongside this, they also offer other services to trusts when purchasing equipment via the Capital Frameworks such as planning and attending 'Show and Tell' days and coordinating evaluations and trials. Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are currently evaluating suitable suppliers for their purchase of vital signs monitors. Although the project is in its early stages, they have been complimentary about the service provided by NHS Supply Chain.

“Working with the NHS Supply Chain Capital Team has been a very good experience. We have had a huge amount of assistance from them and have received quotations from several suppliers in a timely fashion as a result. The team also helped to coordinate a ‘Table Top Show and Tell’ day, which was a great success.” - Kath Potts, Contracts Development Lead, Royal Derby Hospital.

NHS Supply Chain have created a standard set of documents which includes a Product Level Post Tender Offer Schedule (PTOS). This has been developed by the Capital Equipment Team to reduce the need for trusts to create their own documents, enabling them to spend more time with their clinical end users compiling specifications and evaluating equipment. The PTOS includes a summary of standard information from all awarded Framework suppliers in relation to clinical training, technical training and warranty coverage. This is alongside maintenance information such as uptime guarantees and standard labour costs. Providing the tender information in one standard format is intended to ensure that the offers made by suppliers are comparable.

Throughout the procurement process the Capital Equipment Team ensures that trusts maintain their relationship with the supply base. The support provided includes facilitating communication between supplier and trust to ensure that clinical engagement remains intact.

The Capital Equipment Team continuously reviews the equipment available to customers to ensure that it meets their requirements. As a result, the team have increased the scope of their Frameworks to include Electroencephalograph (EEG) Monitoring, Spot Check Patient Monitoring, Diagnostic Imaging Tables and Surgical Navigation Systems.

To receive further information on the products and services available via the Capital Solutions Frameworks, please contact your Capital Development Manager.



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