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Are you moving to the NHS Core List for exam gloves?


Contact your account manager to discuss your conversion plan to the NHS Core List

Thursday 30 July 2015

The need for transparency and evidence to prove efficiency has never been greater, especially with the publication of Lord Carter’s report: Review of operational efficiency in NHS providers. The launch of the NHS Core List initiative on 7 April 2015 was a key mechanism to help accelerate savings and is proving a great success.

Since its launch, the NHS Core List for examination gloves has been very popular with trusts who are recognising the savings that can be made (up to 23%).

To date, 104 trusts have successfully moved to the Medicare range of gloves and more are set to follow. To make adoption as easy as possible for you, please get in contact with your account manager to discuss your conversion plan. We are taking on new conversions from October 2015 so we can ensure supply to trusts who have already converted. We are working closely with Medicare to manage the demand for the NHS.

Contact your account manager if you would like to discuss your conversion plan  

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