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Driving sustainable national savings - we’ve lowered our prices across eight key product areas by over £11.9m – get the full benefit.

Tuesday 16 September 2014

We are continuing to work closely with our suppliers to drive even further efficiencies in eight of our key product areas, in order to reduce the price of products and help deliver savings to the NHS.

In support of the Department of Health’s (DH) savings target of £150 million, between February and August 2014 we have delivered in excess of £11.9 million* in price savings for the following goods alone:

Framework Potential national saving (£) Save average of (%)
Polymer £5.76m* 24%
Exam gloves £2.58m* 5.69%
Hearing Aids £1.84m* 3.00%
Paper Hygiene £902k* 2.21%
Sterile Surgical Gloves £421k* 1.59%
Respiratory Therapy £180k* 1.13%
General Wound Care 158k* 0.78%
Audiological Implants £77k* 1.94%

NHS Supply Chain’s Polymer product range currently provides the biggest savings opportunities, where price reductions could see a potential national annualised saving of £5.76 million*, which could equate to approximately 232 Band 5 nurses. **

“NHS Supply Chain’s on-going commitment to mitigate price increases and deliver cash releasing savings, through joint cost reduction initiatives with suppliers and without the need for us to invest our time or resource, has already saved us over £40,000 annually across six key category areas including polymer and hearing aid products.”

Lee McCoy, Purchasing Product Manager at Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University NHS Trust

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* The £11.9 million of price reductions took place between February and August 2014 and are available across selected lines and selected suppliers. All savings stated are potentials and are calculated based on reductions on banded prices, multiplied by the quantities purchased by trusts six months prior. For the full break-down, and how this affects your trust, speak to your NHS Supply Chain Account Manager.
**Source: Calculation based upon number of nurses (paid on average a band 5 annual salary) to which the annualised potential savings figure could equate. Salary source:
Agenda for change - pay rates, Pay rates from 1 April 2014, Band 5 point 20.

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