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eDC Gold Inventory Management

Friday 11 March 2016

Created in partnership with the NHS, trusts across the UK are making efficiency savings by implementing our eDC Gold inventory management system. Offering significant enhancements on the well-established eDC system, eDC Gold remains easy to use but gives trusts advanced levels of GS1 ready inventory control and traceability.

eDC Gold Benefits:

  • Designed in partnership with the NHS
  • Focus is all on savings
  • Free implementation - no licence costs, no implementation costs and no management fees
  • Built on the established eDC platform
  • Working with suppliers to drive down costs

Expected Outputs

  • Control
  • Inventory levels optimised
  • Decisions are data driven and evidence based
  • Enable clinicians to focus on patients not inventory management
  • Track and trace to individual patients
  • GS1 ready system
  • Patient level material costing

Material Management

  • Batch, serial and expiry tracking
  • Inventory visibility
  • Products are scanned
  • Optimisation of product holding
  • Suggested ordering
  • Automated processing
  • Live help desk

Bespoke support packages are available to suit each trust and the system, implementation and on-going support if free of charge, regardless of the products or supply route.

"For me, I think the just in time procurement system through NHS Supply Chain is "best in class". It comes in, it's all electronic, it's one invoice and it's the true system." Graham Beck, FinstLM, MCIPS, Head of Supplies, Airedale NHS FT.

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Working collaboratively with trusts, suppliers and NHSBSA, our aim is to drive down product price and maximise trusts' revenue opportunities and ultimately maximise savings.

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