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Examination Gloves

Thursday 7 April 2016

Innovative procurement exercises throughout 2015 saw cash releasing savings of £7m from the examinations gloves area.

Continuing this momentum into 2016, the new gloves framework has launched and by working together with trusts and suppliers, prices have dropped a further 3% with the Supermax Ltd range of gloves now offering the lowest price to the NHS.

Last year two key strategic collaborations were made. One between NHS Supply Chain and the Shelford Group and the other with the Working Together Group. These collaborations drove examination glove prices down and proved significant savings were achievable in this area. You can read full details of the Working Together Group case study to find out more.

These collaborations were a precursor to the creation of the NHS Core List which allowed the NHS to commit to larger volumes of a smaller range of products that in turn allowed suppliers to provide improved prices to the NHS as greater economies of scale in manufacturing could be achieved. Medicare was the successful supplier of the Core List glove and following excellent uptake, they held the low price longer than originally intended. Stocks of this NHS Core List glove have now sold through, but this bold initiative generated savings of £2.2m nationally to trusts. It is this type of procurement that is seen as key to driving the £300m savings target we plan to deliver to the NHS by September 2018 and was the catalyst to driving down prices in this market during the new framework procurement process.

The competitive tension now introduced into this area has meant that the new framework prices are further reduced giving clear evidence that the Core List initiative will promote different supplier behaviour. Four suppliers, David Shottlander, Healthline and Semperit have reduced prices but the lowest priced glove now available is Supermax Ltd. These new prices can be compared on our updated price ranking sheet but we expect to see further price reductions going forward as the competitive tension continues.

Ranking Sheet

This highlights the need to review the opportunities to introduce several more Core List launches during 2016 which will be announced in due course as our teams of procurement experts undertake the necessary analysis to drive out the greatest savings in the least contentious areas. Currently under consideration are Sharps Pads, Single Use Tourniquets and Urology Night Bags.

To find out more about the potential saving available for your trust, contact your Account Manager.

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