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Future proof the replacement of your medical equipment

Thursday 9 November 2017

The Challenge


Having the right medical equipment at the right time is widely recognised by the NHS as being of fundamental importance for the delivery of safe and effective patient care. This requires planning for investment in new technologies and regular asset replacement. However, the current financially challenged environment is preventing many NHS trusts from keeping pace with the investment and replacement cycle resulting in a growing backlog of aging equipment. The implications of this include increased patient safety risks, inflated capital & maintenance costs and growing obsolescence of equipment technologies.

How we can support you

To assist trusts with unlocking investment in their Capital equipment, replace aging assets and generate savings, we have developed a Strategic Investment Planning (SIP) service. The service is a data driven, systematic approach designed to help the NHS plan and finance the replacement of medical equipment by establishing credible, long term replacement plans and financing strategies.

At the heart of the service is a structured method which involves assessing the condition of medical equipment. The outputs of the assessment are then analysed and modelled to prioritise equipment replacement & enable financial planning over a multi-year period.

The key elements of Strategic Investment Planning are:

  • Hands on support to establish robust & credible multi-year medical equipment replacement plan using risk and other criteria as a means of prioritisation.
  • Detailed modelling & analysis of the condition and suitability of the trust’s medical equipment.
  • Provision of cash-flow forecasts and analysis of different financing options to improve financial planning and alleviate budget pressure.
  • Identification of savings opportunities
  •   Direct support & consultancy throughout the process by asset management specialists.

To hear more about strategic investment planning and how it can benefit your trust, please click here.








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