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Great Staff, Poor Kit?

Great staff, poor kit? See how Asset Management can help your trust.

Great staff, poor kit? See how Asset Management can help your trust.

Friday 26 June 2015

We all know the old adage that a ‘bad workman blames his tools’. However, our suppliers and customers tell us that the latest medical equipment technology can literally save lives. It is therefore critical that the NHS understands the benefits of the timely replacement of old technology with new, the risks associated with the use of older equipment and the barriers to replacement.

Against this back drop, NHS Supply Chain’s Capital Solutions team commissioned the York Health Economics Consortium to survey leading healthcare professionals to provide an evidence base to support more effective asset management in the NHS. The research provides compelling findings which the team are now taking on the road to provoke debate and identify solutions to the issues raised. On 16 June the team presented at the Institute of Asset Management’s annual conference. They will then facilitate a workshop at UKRC on 30 June, chair a workshop at the HFMA 2 July followed by a webinar on 15 July. The aim is to promote effective equipment planning, financing and management in the NHS.

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