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Helping clinicians to tackle procurement challenges

Friday 30 January 2015

Procurement has been highlighted as one of the challenges facing the NHS during a period of austerity with a £2bn procurement and efficiency savings target set by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The January issue of the Clinical Services Journal discusses how NHS Supply Chain is supporting trusts and helping clinicians make procurement and efficiency savings.

“NHS Supply Chain supports the Department of Health’s call to NHS Trust boards to optimise the value they get from their non-pay spend, develop their procurement capability and the drive for greater collaboration and greater transparency,” says Joanna Timmerman, Managing Director at NHS Supply Chain.

Our support of the Government’s focus on transparency of information is discussed in relation to the Atlas of Variation and how we are working with Trusts and clinicians to deliver considerable savings and driving our category strategies to create future value for the NHS. The article also highlights how we have introduced innovative procurement techniques into the NHS, such as e-Auctions, Direct Sourcing, Bulk Buying and Commitment deals that have achieved cash releasing savings - alongside many other ways to save through our route. We talk about the importance and our capability to support trusts at national, regional and local levels, recognising each approach has its role to play in supporting the delivery of savings to the NHS.

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