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How we help you to adhere to NICE guidance

Thursday 6 February 2014

In response to the Innovation Health report published in 2011, NHS England are introducing a National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) compliance regime for the funding direction attached to the NICE technology appraisals. This is to ensure rapid and consistent implementation throughout the NHS. This will also reduce variation and ensure patients have access to the latest clinical and cost-effective technologies.

We have been asked by a number of trusts to supply a list of products available through our route which adhere to NICE guidance. We have worked with our buyers and suppliers to identify these and provided a link below.

Nice GuidanceNHS Supply Chain Products which adhere to this guidance & link to our catalogue
SeQuent Please balloon catheter for in-stent coronary restenosis (MTG1) FRE1592, FRE1593, FRE1594, FRE1595, FRE1596, FRE1597, FRE1598, FRE1599, FRE1600, FRE1601, FRE1602, FRE1603, FRE1604, FRE1605, FRE1606, FRE1607, FRE1608, FRE1609, FRE1610, FRE1611, FRE1612, FRE1613, FRE1614, FRE1615, FRE1616, FRE1617, FRE1618, FRE1619, FRE1620, FRE1621, FRE1622, FRE1623, FRE1624, FRE1625, FRE1626, FRE1627, FRE1628, FRE1629
Inditherm patient warming mattress for the prevention of inadvertent hypothermia (MTG7) VCB117, VCB119, VCB120, VCB121, VCB122, VCB123, VCB124, VCB125, VCB126, VCB133. VCB134, VCB197, VCB198, VCB199, VCB210, VCB211, VCB346, VCB347, VCB348, VCB351, VCB352, VCB372, VCB453, VCB454, VCB455, VCB458, VCB459, VCB460, VCB461, VCB462,VCB465, VCB466, VCB468, VCB496
CardioQ-ODM (oesophageal Doppler monitor) (MTG3) We have a number of products available through our capital framework route, for more information please contact Sarah Dean on 07825 607 542
Ambu aScope2 for use in unexpected difficult airways (MTG14) FDD2529(Scope); FDD1676 (Monitor)
Vision Amniotic Leak Detector to assess unexplained vaginal wetness in pregnancy (MTG15) EOA505

If you have any questions about the products that adhere to the NICE guidance, please email or visit for more information.

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