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Helping your Orthopaedic surgical teams get involved in procurement

Wednesday 24 June 2015

Empowering your clinicians to get involved and support Lord Carter’s drive to unlock efficiencies in Orthopaedic procurement.

In Lord Carter’s Interim Report this June ‘Review of Operational Productivity in NHS providers‘ he estimates that the NHS spends around £3bn on products and consumables, where clinicians make choices for their patients, referencing specifically high-value medical devices. Looking at the current landscape, the data, evidence and support available, we are then taken into a deeper dive into the category of orthopaedics and joint replacement, and the potential opportunities that exist to help drive efficiencies and savings without compromise to performance or patient safety.

The report acknowledges that whilst clinicians must retain the authority for making such decisions, there is an opportunity to help such choices be better informed - underpinning and directing them with facts and evidence.

With individual departments within trusts finding themselves in this new territory, it is inevitable a change in gear is required, with the need to see clinicians utilising their product expertise to procure in more innovative ways, that doesn’t compromise on quality or care.

Our dedicated Orthopaedics consultation group

We’d like to share our specialist orthopaedic procurement skills and expertise with your surgical teams via our Orthopaedics consultation group, ensuring they have their say in the availability and purchasing of the right products at the right price. By empowering your clinicians with access to specialist orthopaedic procurement data and expertise, our aim is to help them effectively support your trust work plans and procurement activities.

We are here to listen and support

Our orthopaedic team recognise that whilst savings are increasingly important, clinicians require assurance that products they use perform to the high standards that they and their patients require. We’d like your clinicians to get involved and shape the delivery of the framework and services we provide on an on-going basis. Ensuring they always meet their needs. We’d like to understand any changes in their drivers, clinical selection and practice, any new consignment and loan kit requirements - plus any other on-going and new support requirements that may arise.

Providing access to data and expertise

  • We provide access to specialist orthopaedic procurement data and expertise, to help your clinicians effectively support your trust work plans and procurement activities.
  • We continue to invest in the collection of product performance evidence as shown by continuing to host the Orthopaedic Data Evaluation Panel (ODEP)
  • We continue to support and were also instrumental in creation of the Beyond Compliance programme, ODEP promoting the introduction of innovation safely into the NHS - supporting surgeons with introduction of new implants either as part of cost saving initiative or for improving patient safety.
  • We also support the British Orthopaedic Association’s ‘Getting It Right First Time’ initiative, also covered by Lord Carter in his interim report.
  • Finally our aim is to offer clinicians OJEU regulatory training allowing them to be better informed of the procurement regulations.

Getting involved

Simply ask your clinicians to email their name, role and trust details to: and we’ll be in touch.

Safeguarding patient care through innovative orthopaedic procurement.

Best value. Best performance.

Delivering value to the NHS