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How much could comparable products save you? - Compare and Save 2015

Compare and Save

Since 2013, we've supported trusts to save over £7.9m.

Monday 27 April 2015

This April, we are launching our Compare and Save programme which has been developed in response to the increasing financial challenges and constraints that you face on a daily basis.

Compare and Save, brings trusts reliable insights, intelligence and information at a level that was not previously available. By working with this level of detail we are able to work with trusts to make informed decisions and realise a pipeline of achievable savings tailored to each trust. Within each of the product areas there are significant savings that can and have been achieved by trusts.

Since 2013, we’ve supported trusts to save £7,968,822 and in the first quarter of 2015, NHS trusts saved £1,727,961.

Your trust can benefit from working with us by identifying comparable products that deliver savings to your trust. 208 trusts have already taken advantage of this and are seeing savings simply by moving to comparable lower cost products or making efficiencies to the way you currently buy the products.

The refreshed Compare and Save programme now offers:

  • Improved data at a granular level to offer more accurate comparable products.
  • A focus on four categories that have the most to offer by way of savings.
  • A higher level of clinical support to help you make any changes.

Our procurement and clinical teams have extensive expertise and many years of experience in clinical settings to understand both your and your patients’ needs. The refreshed Compare and Save programme benefits patients by enabling the standardisation of product ranges that support clinicians and nurses to provide the appropriate level of care in each setting by prioritising safety and being cost effective. Driving efficiencies means facilitating change and change isn’t often easy, but change managed effectively can bring about efficiencies, improving processes and driving essential savings, without compromising patient treatment and care. With this in mind the new Compare and Save programme has been designed to supplement our existing savings programmes including the NHS Core Range and NHS Core List to name but a few and to ensure that you have access to sustainable savings opportunities that can deliver now and grow with you well into the future.

The four Compare and Save category areas are:

  1. Dressings and Wound Care
  2. Disposable Wipes
  3. Haemostats
  4. Paper, Ink and Toners

Dressings and Wound Care

We are working with 82 suppliers and an intricate level of data. Our Clinical Nurse Advisors are able to work with nurses and clinicians to assist in the selection process to ensure that the products they source are right for them. Along with a comprehensive range of products from leading suppliers there are alternatives that could present savings opportunities (if suitable) ranging from - foams, wound contact layer, gelling fibre, hydrocolloid to film dressing, barrier creams, cotton wool, swabs, dressing pads and tapes.

There are currently 59 trusts that are already using lower cost advanced wound care comparable products including: Acute and Community Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups and Foundation Trusts.

Disposable Wipes

All of the wipes available through our Compare and Save programme meet all industry standards and guidelines. The wet wipes category consists of 9 lots which are categorised as: patient wipes, environment wipes and instrument wipes. There are significant savings opportunities through a comprehensive range of comparable products; there are currently 59 trusts who have adopted the use of comparable products.


There are currently 11 suppliers within the haemostats contract area with a comprehensive range of comparable products available, enabling trusts to achieve significant savings. All products on the haemostats contract are available to trial with the full support of our Clinical Nurse Advisors and procurement teams made available to assist you throughout the decision making process. The haemostats product range available through Compare and Save includes: sponges, powders, gels, fabrics, sprays and gauzes.

Paper, Ink and Toners

Paper, ink and toners are high turnover products which could have significant cost implications for any trust. Through Compare and Save, we have worked directly with suppliers to source products that are compatible with most major manufacturers; to provide quality outputs and lower overall costs.

There are several savings mechanisms that are in place to support driving the greatest savings opportunities, including: Commitment discounts/rebates, Compare and Save, banding above band 1 and 2, mini-competitions, bespoke pricing linked to commitment and collaboration.

To ensure that trusts are making informed decisions, samples are available for evaluation so that before ordering or committing, clinical teams can see and interact with comparable products. Engaging with nurses and healthcare providers who deliver care to patients is also a valuable source of knowledge and to gauge how products perform in practice. To support and drive further efficiencies, trusts could adopt the new Traffic Light Support System into stock rooms which helps you to label products in your stock rooms to raise awareness of their cost before selection, driving efficiencies without creating any extra work.

If you would like more information about the Compare and Save programme and to find out how you can establish the savings opportunities for your trust, please visit: or speak with your account manager.

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