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Keep on top of discontinued lines and potential alternatives

Monday 20 October 2014

Find discontinued lines and their potential alternatives* on our website and online catalogue.

Step by step guide

On our website - As a result of contract renewals or extensions.

  • Step one: Log into website.
  • Step two: On our homepage click ‘Contract Information’.

Screen shot 1

  • Step three: Find the contract you are looking for.

Screen shot 3

  • Step four: Click on the ‘Discontinued lines’ tab (present only if there are discontinued lines).
  • Step five: Download the discontinued lines and potential alternatives* listing (.xls format).

Screen shot 2

On our Online Catalogue - For individual product codes throughout the term of a contract.

  • Step one: Log into the online catalogue.

Screen shot 7

  • Step two: Search for the product you are looking for using the NPC code.

Screen shot 6

  • Step three: Click on the product short description.

Screen shot 5

  • Step four: Scroll down and view the potential alternatives*.

Screen shot 4

For more information

In case of difficulty accessing the information you require, please contact your local Customer Services Advisor.

On procurement, ordering and supply chain strategies to ensure you have access to all the different ways to save through our route, please speak to your NHS Supply Chain Account Manager.

* Potential alternatives have been highlighted by working with NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement suppliers, which also highlight contract price and unit of issue differentials. Alternatives are of similar (but not identical) products and Trusts will need to carry out their own review in order to see if they are suitable for their own requirements.

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