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HSJ NHS Supply Chain Customer Board Supplement

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Procurement plays a big part in patient safety and the quality of patient care, and it has never been more critical to deliver cash releasing savings for the NHS without compromising patient outcomes. I am proud to work with my team at NHS Supply Chain and the members of Sir Ian Carruthers’ Customer Board, who all share the important vision of maximising the buying power of the NHS and most importantly, are all committed to the challenge to drive efficient procurement.

The NHS Supply Chain Customer Board was set up with the vision to engage with NHS trusts, to listen to their pressures and challenges and respond through optimising the use of the national contract’s scale and expertise to consistently drive value for money.

In April 2013, we were set a target of delivering £150m cash releasing savings by March 2016 by the Department of Health and, as part of our two year contract extension, an additional £150m savings target was agreed. This means that NHS Supply Chain and the NHS Business Services Authority aim to realise £300m of cash releasing savings for the NHS by October 2018.

To deliver these targets, we will continue to work with suppliers and customers on key savings programmes, such as the NHS Core List and Compare and Save, to ensure that we are supporting the NHS with its requirement to deliver further cash releasing savings.

We are aligning our business to work for the NHS to listen and to establish long term savings solutions for quality products. Our next wave of savings will be driven by the category strategies, which we will work on in consultation with our customers and in conjunction with both procurement and clinical leaders. By the end of August, NHS Supply Chain had already achieved savings in excess of £100m against the £150m March 2016 target through working with the NHS Business Services Authority, suppliers and customers. By continuing to collaborate, we believe the £300m is an achievable target by October 2018.

Our work with the Customer Board, the Clinical Reference Board and local boards enables us to share upcoming savings programmes with customers and to ensure that they are fit for purpose through consultation.

By shaping strategies with the Customer Board and its local boards we can engage directly with NHS trusts, clinicians and managers about how we can work better together to deliver savings efficiently and safely.

I would encourage your trust to engage with the Customer Board and local boards by emailing

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*Savings calculated as of end of August 2015

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