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New Imaging, Radiotherapy and Endoscopy National Framework

Friday 8 January 2016

Changes to the National Framework for Imaging, Radiotherapy and Endoscopy aims to help customers improve patient outcomes and savings.

Responding to changing NHS demand, the new National Framework for Imaging, Radiotherapy and Endoscopy will do more to support customers who are looking use equipment in more innovative ways to improve outcomes for their patients.

These are the biggest changes in the Framework:

  • New hybrid operating theatres category - provides a flexible clinical environment combining imaging and general theatre equipment, into one bespoke solution, recognises the move towards innovation in the use of equipment to deliver improved healthcare outcomes
  • New surgical navigation category - equipment used to assist surgeons in navigation during a range of procedures, including neurosurgery and ear nose and throat (ENT) and orthopaedic surgeries
  • Improved endoscopy category - now integrated under a single procurement point across a range of surgical, diagnostic and ENT endoscopy.

Department of Health Capital Equipment Fund

Underpinning the (circa) £280m annual spend across the 24 categories on the Framework will be the Department of Health Capital Equipment Fund, which will continue to be managed by NHS Supply Chain on behalf of the NHS. Each category will undergo a constant review to spot and seize saving opportunities to pass onto the NHS.

This will range from aggregating demand across trusts with similar buying requirements through to the team managing the risk of bulk procurements over a longer time frame to secure further savings opportunities for the NHS.


Through these changes additional capital savings of £50m (17%) are expected to be achieved with customers.

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