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Thursday 27 November 2014

In the latest issue of the British Orthopaedic Association’s (BOA) Journal of Trauma & Orthopaedics, we talk about the drive on efficiencies that can help clinicians enable cost savings, whilst maintaining high standards of care.

Clinicians are central to effective decision making in orthopaedic procurement, ensuring the products they use perform to the highest standards safeguarding patient safety. Maintaining these standards, whilst managing shrinking budgets and increasing demand, is the significant purchasing challenge clinicians face today. And what is perhaps less well-known, is that the data and evidence is already out there to help inform and support them, with NHS Supply Chain in a key position to help facilitate access to it. At the same time, we can also enable access to our specialist orthopaedic procurement expertise through our NEW Orthopaedic Consultation Group, to ensure clinicians have a voice in sharing and developing best practice in orthopaedic procurement, product performance and the introduction of innovative products and services.

Individual departments within trusts are finding themselves in new territory that will now inevitably require a change in gear, which will need to see clinicians utilising their product expertise to procure in more innovative ways that doesn’t compromise on quality or care. With resources available now to support, clinicians can both proactively respond to the requests of their Trust procurement teams and also help shape the future of innovation in Orthopaedic procurement.

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