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Stay ahead of the April Maintenance contract renewal rush, renew early

Keep your kit covered

Is your kit covered? Stay ahead of the April Maintenance renewal rush.

Tuesday 10 November 2015

With almost 70% of Maintenance contracts managed on behalf of the NHS by us with a start date of 1 April, it means the run up to contract expiry is a busy time for all of us.

We estimate that around 55% of these contracts were renewed on-time, an increase of 7% from 2014; however there was still some that resulted in lapsed cover.

With suppliers now taking a more robust stance in not covering equipment past contract expiry, we’re encouraging you to beat the rush and renew early, so your medical equipment is always protected.

Our Maintenance team can support you by simplifying the process, avoiding immediate risks of unplanned downtime and expense as well as maximising your savings opportunities.

Your dedicated point of contact will look to work with you over the coming months to ensure your contracts are renewed on-time, and help you take advantage of any incentives from suppliers that could save you money.

To help us, please consider the following when reviewing your requirements:

  1. Do you want to renew your contracts on a like-for-like basis?
  2. Would you move from an Annual to a Muli-Year contract if you could save more?
  3. Do you want to do anything differently that could maximise your savings potential?
  4. How else can we work together to ensure on-time renewal and help you benefit from supplier incentives?
  5. Are there contracts that are currently placed direct or via another framework that you would like a quotation for?
  6. Do you have equipment coming out of warranty or being decommissioned over the next year?

Find out more

If you are unsure if you have relevant contracts, for new Maintenance cover or for more information email us.

View our Maintenance Contract page for supplier details and on-time renewal incentives.

Read our April renewal guide for key deadline dates.

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