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Within 24 hours, we had supplied Lancashire Teaching Hospital with 100,068 litres of water.

Tuesday 25 August 2015

Running a busy hospital with no access to clean water is no easy task, but this is exactly the situation that Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were faced with earlier this month after bacteria were found in the local water supply which lead them to have no usable tap water. “Clean and safe water is not only essential for drinking but in high traffic areas such as hospitals clean tap water is a necessity for many routine tasks from preparing patient meals to maintaining high levels of hygiene for patients and visitors”, says Sally Ball, Acute Account Manager at NHS Supply Chain.

“As soon as we were informed about the bacteria in the local water supply we worked with our internal network of suppliers, customers and our depots to provide Lancashire Teaching Hospitals with enough water to continue to care for their patients. Organising emergency deliveries can pose some considerable logistical challenges as not every hospital site is able to accept deliveries by some of our larger Arctic vehicles due to them having smaller loading bays. It is important that we tailor every delivery to the specific requirements of each site, to ensure safe and timely deliveries across our network. In this case by transferring the deliveries to smaller 18 tonne vehicles with tail lifts we were able to safely deliver the water.” said Sally.

“We worked with our suppliers and arranged for Harrogate Spring to deliver an emergency supply of water as soon as possible to the Trust to keep them functioning until additional supplies were sourced. Working with our back haul team we collected an additional load of water for the first day. We continued to work with our trading teams, our customers, and our inventory team who were able to ensure that our customers had enough water supplies being delivered over the weekend to keep them going. With our combined efforts we were able to supply over a hundred thousand litres of bottled water”, said Sally.

“When the news of Lancashire’s water troubles reached us our primary concern was ensuring patient safety. As such, within 24 hours of the alert, we had supplied Lancashire Teaching Hospital with 100,068 litres of water. Working alongside NHS Supply Chain to deliver this water as soon as possible” said Harrogate Spring Water.

Trudy Reynolds, E-Catalogue and Training Support Manager at Lancashire Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, said – “Thank you to all the staff involved in delivering water to both Chorley and Preston Hospitals at such short notice. Their positive attitude and commitment to helping us with this crisis was very much appreciated. They went out of their way to assist us and because of their willingness to help us, a crisis was avoided and inconvenience to patients was kept to a minimum. I cannot speak highly enough of the Operations and Transport Teams”.

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