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Are you maximising the savings opportunities that NHS Supply Chain Capital Solutions offers?

Wednesday 8 March 2017

NHS Supply Chain is working with key stakeholders, such as the Department of Health, towards Lord Carter’s recommendation that the NHS procures equipment in the most cost effective way.

Since the introduction of the Department of Health Capital Trading Fund in April 2012, NHS Supply Chain has supported Trusts to deliver £64.8m worth of incremental savings back to the NHS. £10.9m of this was generated in the last year alone on the procurement of 2,049 systems with a sales value of £132m as a result of nationally aggregated purchases. This figure continues to grow with the introduction of Multi Trust Aggregation (MTA) and the Finance Solution option.

MTA has grown to include 157 trusts and 25 suppliers who have supported the delivery of procurement aggregation across 24 different equipment areas; driving an incremental savings value of £2.2m. An alternative finance solution has been allocated £50m from the Department of Health Capital Trading Fund to provide low cost finance on some high cost imaging system and support Trusts with lease purchases. To date, £41m has been allocated to the lease with incremental savings of £5.5m.

Our Regional Account Managers can ensure that you have access to the service options that will enable you to maximise your budgets and procure capital equipment, including ‘in year’ Capital Planning and long term strategic asset management. The Account Management team will also work alongside you to understand individual Trust challenges, support the development of bespoke solutions and share best practice under the overarching compliance of the NHS Supply Chain frameworks.

Capital Planning Coordinators, in conjunction with the Capital Trading team, can work with you to align your procurement plans to our recently published MTA calendar for 2017-2018. By utilising this calendar we are able to consolidate NHS purchases by modality and maximise the savings potential on specific equipment areas throughout the year. Frequently reviewed procurement processes and supporting documentation underpin the service offer and there are opportunities available for you to contribute to these processes by attending Capital Savings and Improvement meetings held throughout the year at locations around the country.

We value all of the feedback that we receive as it enables us to extend the services that we offer, ensure that we are meeting the needs of the NHS and maximise the value that Capital Solutions can provide in order to meet Lord Carter’s targets on efficiency.

To gain further information on how you can access these services, please contact your dedicated Regional Account Manager.

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