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74% reduction in time and resource on orthopaedic stock management at Mid Cheshire

eDC Gold PDA

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has improved its data transparency across orthopaedic procurement.

Thursday 17 October 2013

Mid Cheshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust opens the door to long-term efficiencies through smarter consignment stock management.


Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust needed to place governance and control at the heart of its procurement processes. The key factor in achieving this was attaining the highest levels of data transparency across all non-pay spend. Whilst materials management systems and processes provided good control and management information on every day consumables, more specialist areas with higher value items like orthopaedics were still being managed by clinical staff, using manual processes. Not only did this distract staff from their core responsibilities in delivering patient care, but the manual processes were unable to provide the trust with the management information needed to accurately evaluate value for money on the orthopaedic non-pay budget. The added complexity of consignment stock further exacerbated the situation. This resulted in ownership issues on expired stock and additional stock management responsibilities for clinical teams.


Not convinced by the return on investment demonstrated by a number of “off the shelf” systems being used in other NHS organisations, the trust agreed to work with NHS Supply Chain to develop their eDC Gold managed inventory system into a ‘fit for purpose’ inventory management solution for the NHS.


  • Reduced incidents of over ordering as theatre teams now have more confidence in stock availability.
  • Improved understanding of orthopaedic product consumption enabling the trust to leverage their spend more effectively.
  • Saved 16 days for clinical/clinical support team plus 4.5 days for finance on the annual physical stock take.
  • Reduced product wastage by £5,000 per month, equating to 9% of managed spend.

For further information including learnings, next steps and trust contact details, please download the full case study

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