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With eDC Gold Mid Cheshire reduced clinical time on stock by 74%

Thursday 22 May 2014

"I know that the items are being recorded accurately and correctly…and now we’ve got more time to spend in theatres."

Jackie Nixon-Coaton, Theatre Lead for Orthopaedics and Lesley Pugh Specialist Theatre Practitioner, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Efficiencies and savings Mid Cheshire has made so far include:

  • 20 days a year back to Clinical and Finance teams.
  • Up to 9% of cost avoidance (£5,000 a month) via enhanced expiry date management.
  • Up to 92% faster response in the event of product recalls.
  • Up to 74% reduction in requisition resource needed.
  • Up to 56% reduction in order processing time.
  • Up to 40% reduction in resource to manageput-away activity.
  • Enhanced management informaton and internal control.
  • Improved and informed decision making capability.
  • Improved supplier relations.
  • Improved engagement between supply chain stakeholders.

Key learnings so far include:

  • Involving all teams from the start is essential
  • Investing the right leel of resource from the outset is crucial.
  • Understanding your current system and processes are key.
  • Ensuring upfront that your data is formatted correctly is critical.

All figures and benefits validated by Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

With up to £60,000 saved via cost avoidance, this could equate to two extra theatre nurses*

*Source: Band 6 nurse average salary,, Payrates, 2013/14. Contact your account manager

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