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NHS Confederation Conference 2016

Friday 1 July 2016

This year’s conference focused on the efforts that are underway in the NHS and wider health and care system, to transform care for patients.

The programme was structured around five conference themes with each theme having a mix of plenary sessions, panel discussions, debates, seminars and workshops to discuss the issues. The conference built on the momentum for change – helping to strengthen emerging solutions, new ways of working and shared plans for achieving more integrated, effective and sustainable care.

The 5 programme themes 2016*

1. Culture - Building a culture with patients and individuals at the center of care delivery
Underpinning all of what the NHS delivers is - its commitment to treating patients with dignity and delivering care of the highest quality. The NHS is determined to continuously improve care, by working with patients to maintain their health and build services around them. Improving culture will however take time and local relationships will need to form to allow whole system approaches to develop.

2. Localism - Strengthening system leadership to help improve care locally
There is increasing recognition that for health and care to be delivered effectively, different parts of the system have to work together to integrate care around people’s needs. The NHS Confederation is uniquely placed to support system leaders as the only organisation that brings all parts of the system together.

3. New models - Delivering new models of care to meet people's needs
Delivering the new models of care was an important and popular theme running through conference. Looking at the work of the Vanguard sites as well as the innovation being delivered by other trusts, this theme looked at how the new models of care are being developed and scrutinising whether they are meeting the needs of patients. Eighteen months after the publication of the five year forward view it is essential to hear how organisations are working together to deliver care that reflects the needs of people today.

4. Sustainability - Ensuring sustainable services fit for future generations
The funding settlement for the NHS has been set out in the Spending Review and it is now down to the NHS and its leadership to deliver the transformation necessary to ensure sustainability for future generations. Additional funding will need to be invested in a way that redesigns services while meeting the immediate pressures facing the NHS, not least the £22 billion efficiency challenge.

5. Workforce - Developing the workforce as our greatest asset to drive change
The NHS workforce is its greatest asset as well as the largest part of its expenditure. We need staff equipped with the right skills to best meet the challenges facing the NHS and staff engagement is central to transforming NHS services. This engagement will depend on a range of factors – the overall reward package, where staff work, how they are trained and the recruitment of people with the right skills and values. The imperative to make better use of our staff exists against the background of new contracts for some staff, the reconfiguration of services, closer integration with social care and increased scrutiny on how staffing levels are sustained to ensure quality of care.

Next year’s NHS Confederation annual conference and exhibition will be held in Liverpool from 14 to 16 June.

To view videos of the plenary sessions and summaries from each of the days please visit:

*The update around the 5 programme themes has been sourced from the NHS Confederations Conference website and opinions and conference themes were issued by the NHS Confederation. Should you have any queries or require any further information around the event please contact the NHS Confederation directly.


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