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The NHS Core List – next phase offering savings of up to £3.5m*

Monday 19 January 2015

The NHS spends over £22bn every year on goods and services, which typically account for around 30% of the operating costs of each NHS hospital. This purchasing power is being harnessed through the NHS Core List which is being developed by the Department for Health in partnership with NHS Supply Chain.

The Core List aims to achieve best value by reducing the range of like for like products that the NHS purchases. This allows the NHS to commit to larger volumes of a smaller range of products which in turn allows suppliers to provide improved prices to the NHS as greater economies of scale in manufacturing can be achieved.

Greater competition on price is also being created, as only products that achieve the best value are included in the Core List. For procurement professionals it provides the most straight forward option for driving out costs when purchasing everyday hospital goods and services, to potentially make more money available for frontline services.

Dry Wipes and Examination Gloves

Following the successful introduction of the Desk Top Stationery Core Range, which has delivered savings of £432,000 for trusts in its first two months, significant savings opportunities have now been generated on examination gloves (save up to 23%) and patient dry wipes (save up to 16%).This will be nationally available from April and full details of the products and prices will be released later this month after which your Account Manager will be able to present what these new opportunities could mean for your Trust.


We are also pleased to announce savings on underpads as brands, Attends, Ontex, SCA and AK Suppliers have offered price reductions which are all expected to be live in the catalogue by 19 January with trusts able to benefit immediately. These reductions are expected to deliver savings of £892,000 nationally to the NHS. Your Account Manager will be able to share the potential savings opportunities for your Trust.

The products have been reviewed by the Clinical Procurement Specialists Network and could offer substantial national savings to the NHS.

It is important to note that at this point, unlike stationery, no products outside the Core List will be discontinued.

We will continue to update you on potential savings opportunities from other NHS Core List products that we are working on over 2015.

Further information

Look out for more information from your Account Manager in the coming weeks, it will contain details of the potential savings for your Trust and how we can support you to deliver them.

* The headline £3.5m savings is based on:

  • 6N examination gloves – maximum switch savings on currently committed volume are £2.1m (23% reduction), annualised, this would generate maximum savings of £5.46m.
  • Patient dry wipes – maximum switch savings on currently committed volume are £493k, annualised this would generate maximum savings of £985k.
  • Underpads - £892k annualised price reductions now available.

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