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Tuesday 23 August 2016

NHS Core List aims to achieve best value by reducing product and price variations for everyday products that the NHS purchases.

The NHS spends over £22bn (about 30% of its overall operating cost) every year on goods and services. Under the guidance of the NHS Business Services Authority, we are tasked with utilising this considerable combined purchasing power through product standardisation and rationalisation. Achieving greater commitments of spend through central aggregation to save money that can be put back into front-line services.

NHS Core List programme aims to achieve best value by reducing the number of “like for like” products that are purchased. We are focused on reducing product and price variation at a sub category or product line level, through commitment to one supplier. This allows the NHS to commit to larger volumes of a smaller range of products, which in turn allows suppliers to provide improved prices to the NHS as greater economies of scale in manufacturing can be achieved.

NHS Core List activity supports the transparency agenda and works toward the single national pricing model for the NHS. It underpins The Operational Productivity Review by Lord Carter which highlighted the benefits of reducing spend by collaboration and consolidating purchasing power, moving to alternative products which are clinically acceptable and supporting national procurement strategies.

NHS Core List concentrates NHS demand and commitment through a mini competition process. Only products that achieve the best value are included on the NHS Supply Chain Framework Agreement. Upon award, unsuccessful suppliers will be delisted from the online catalogue and their products/services will be unavailable for purchase via this route.

See what products are on our current NHS Core List.

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