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NHS England Excluded Devices

Thursday 20 October 2016

NHS trusts are successfully transitioning to the new NHS England ordering system for high cost medical devices for specialist services.

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been one of the first Provider Trusts to successfully move to the new system operated by NHS Supply Chain.

Rachael Whitton, Assistant Supplies Manager was appointed as the trust’s Excluded Device Champion and worked collaboratively with NHS Supply Chain’s Implementation Manager Darren Machen, to achieve a seamless changeover to the new ordering system for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHAs).

Since its launch in April this year, nearly 20% of all Provider Trusts within scope of the programme have migrated across to the new model. NHS Supply Chain are continuing to work closely with Trusts to ensure the continuation of the programme for the remaining categories. Trusts who have started the programme are reporting that once one category has transitioned the remaining categories are more easily implemented.

“The (migration) timescale was much quicker than expected… which will hopefully allow the NHS to make savings whilst improving patient’s ability to hear in daily life.”

Rachel Andrew, Senior Chief Audiologist,
Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Continuous Improvement Programme

Key learnings and improvements are captured and incorporated into future programme developments, through the completion of a post implementation survey.

Sharing best practice

In his report in February Lord Carter spoke of the importance of data transparency and trusts working in collaboration to share best practice. The NHS England Excluded Devices Programme is aligned to Lord Carter’s request for improved pricing transparency to reduce and remove price variation leading to a single national price for the NHS.

“As a trust, supporting Lord Carter’s aims by enabling the coordination and exchange of trust data is fundamental to the success of the procurement direction of the NHS,” says Rachel. “By all NHS trusts working together on the Excluded Devices programme in a coordinated way, sharing the good practice we are all undertaking and providing the data and information needed, has to be a step in the right direction.”

HCSA Awards 2016

The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and NHS Supply Chain have been shortlisted for the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Collaboration award at this year’s HCSA Annual Conference for their work together on the excluded devices programme.

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