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Nursing Survey Results

Monday 30 March 2015

Together with the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Clinical Procurement Specialist Network (CPSN) we launched a campaign in March called ‘small changes, big differences’ to encourage and empower nurses to make choices which contribute to patient safety, support the frontline and deliver savings.

In order to help shape the campaign, and to provide the right support for nurses, we wanted to hear from nurses themselves. With the help of Nursing Times magazine in December we carried out a survey to find out how involved nurses are in the selection of clinical products, whether there is room for improvement and what would help nurses to get more involved.

Over 850 nurses took part in the survey and an overwhelming majority wanted to get involved. Here is what they told us:

  • Over 90% of the nurses surveyed said that they could save money if they were more involved in the purchasing process.
  • 87% said patient safety would be improved if nurses had greater involvement in the purchasing process and worked more closely with clinical supplies teams.
  • 54% of nurses told us that they have seen areas where savings could be made by changing clinical products.
  • The top five products that nurses said could be purchased more efficiently are:
    • Dressings (75%)
    • Gloves (65%)
    • Disposable Wipes (64%)
    • Incontinence products (53%)
    • Syringes (48%)
    • 79% of nurses said that the biggest barrier to getting involved in the purchase of clinical supplies was due to lack of time, knowledge or support or that they are no allowed to.

    The small changes, big differences campaign is all about nurses sharing best practice and removing the barriers to make those changes.

    “There has never been a better time to look at what nurses are buying and find those opportunities to save money, which will at the same time help protect patient safety and reduce the amount of waste in medical products. As the individuals at the heart of this process, we as nurses are in the best possible position to influence it.” Mandie Sunderland, Chief Nurse, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

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