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Over 50 trusts sign-up to our free traffic light support system

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Over 50 trusts have now signed up to our free traffic light support system

Monday 1 June 2015

Voted the no.1 support tool by nurses in a Nursing Times Survey run last December* over 50 trusts have now ordered our free traffic light support system. Included within these are those providing mental health, acute, community and children’s services.

The system launched in March this year as part of our ‘small changes, big differences’ joint campaign with the Royal College of Nursing and the Clinical Procurement Specialist Network. It was developed to help trusts raise awareness of the cost of clinical supplies used by their nursing teams. The system helps them identify where relevant alternatives are available and encourages staff to think before using the most expensive items.

"Key is that the traffic light support system has the potential to help nursing teams drive efficiencies in a way that can be easily adopted into their already incredibly busy days, so that most importantly, they can continue to fully focus on patient care."

Natalie O’Mahony, Assistant Operations Manager
Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust

The concept evolved on from the popular approach, developed by trusts, to use stickers with prices on shelves in storage rooms and areas. An approach, whilst effective in increasing the awareness of the cost of clinical supplies used to help to drive efficiencies, was often difficult and labour intensive to manage; particularly keeping the stickers up to date as prices changed so often.

"Early engagement with nursing teams means they are already identifying many different and individual ways that they could use the traffic light support system to support a variety of initiatives in their wards and departments.

This could be as simple using the amber sticker for glove selection, ‘Should you be using a glove?’ ‘Is it the right glove?’ etc. We are also developing new ideas for the use of green and reds including a ‘high cost product’ awareness week using red stickers."

Liam Horkan, Clinical Procurement Specialist Nurse
Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

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* Nursing Times Survey, clinical supplies – quality, safety and value at the frontline, December 2014.

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