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Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust set to save £160,000 on theatre packs

Pennine Acute Foundation Hospitals NHS Trust save £160k on Theatre Packs

(Right to left) NHS Supply Chain’s Karen Hudson with Sue Darch, Lead Orthopaedic Sister; Bill Stapleton, Material Management Assistant and Debbie Hark, Purchasing Manager (Medical & Surgical).

Tuesday 21 January 2014

Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust set to save £160k*on theatre packs without compromising patient care

We reviewed the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust’s theatre packs across half their sites back in 2008 so when the Theatre Packs contract came up for renewal, the trust contacted us again to help them meet their trust-wide in-year savings target of 15%.

The trust was determined that while there were ways they could save money on theatre packs, patient need remains their top priority so there was no question that the quality of patient care could not be compromised – clinician support was essential.

How did they save £160,000?

Working with Debbie Hark, Purchasing Manager (Medical & Surgical) at Pennine Acute NHS Trust and clinicians from across all four of their sites, we conducted an in-depth review of the existing 130 theatre packs that were being used. From there, we were able to help the trust get the support and buy in from clinicians to introduce a number of changes that would benefit the trust including:

  • Standardising the product range
  • Forge closer working links across the trust’s sites
  • Improve storage and stock rotation
  • Tailor theatre packs based on operational need.

“This project involved staff from across functions and sites and brought the trust together as one, working towards a single goal – to save money and deliver the best patient experience.”

Debbie Hark, Purchasing Manager (Medical & Surgical), Pennine Acute NHS Trust

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* Based on forecasted trust data

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