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Reduced handling will deliver £127,000 savings on photocopier paper over 2014/15

See how reduced handling has trimmed 3p off a ream

See how reduced handling has trimmed 3p off a ream

Wednesday 21 May 2014

Much has been made of savings that can be achieved on products like gloves, orthopaedics and sutures but one product that NHS organisations order more of than anything else is photocopier paper.

Over 2013, one line was ordered nearly 230,000 times resulting in 4.2m reams of paper being delivered to NHS organisations.

Working with supplier, Premier Paper, prices are already lower than Tesco* and further savings have been delivered through a 65 gsm product. However, when we looked beyond the product and focussed on our joint supply chain, the opportunities to reduce handling were significant.

This resulted in trailers direct from port changing to full 40ft shipping containers direct from port through the DHL network, meaning less handling and significant savings for the long term.

Since the start of February, NHS organisations have seen a 3p reduction per ream on the following three paper lines:

  • WHO638
  • WHO144
  • WHO041.

With a new 70 gsm alternative paper being launched later in the year, we expect to deliver significant further savings.

*Equivalent product specification.

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