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Revolutionising Radiotherapy services

Monday 2 December 2013

In response to the Department of Health Cancer Reform Strategy in 2007, Nottingham University Hospital undertook a full assessment of their service provision. It was realised that to achieve the 31 day waiting time target by December 2010, radical changes needed to be implemented. The ambition for this change project was not only to improve the service, but to deliver world class radiotherapy. A project team was set up, with just two years in which to deliver this transformation.

The project team engaged with NHS Supply Chain for support through the procurement phase of the project and achieved significant savings through utilising NHS Supply Chain framework agreements.

The first patient was treated in the new facility in October 2010.

Two years after the opening of the new radiotherapy centre, the trust was successful in a bid for Radiotherapy Innovation Fund (RIF) funding and was able to continue to invest in treatment capability, again achieving savings through NHS Supply Chain frameworks.

  • The trust now treats all relevant patients, including head and neck, and all prostate patients with IMRT: over 300 prostate and in excess of 150 head and neck patients are treated each year.
  • The centre met and continues to meet the 31 day waiting target.
  • Additional investment in planning tools enabled significant time-savings in treatment planning, in some cases up to 24 hours quicker.
  • Savings achieved in the region of £806,000 through NHS Supply Chain frameworks.
  • Equipment replacement planning is underway to ensure continued investment in new equipment.

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