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Royal College of Nursing

Royal College of Nursing

Best practice in procurement quality and safety event

Thursday 24 November 2016

The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) recently held an event in Sheffield on the importance of clinicians getting involved in procurement.

The event provided the opportunity for clinicians to share best practice and find out how clinical engagement can help make financial savings and increase patient safety.

Rose Gallagher MBE, Head of Standards, Knowledge & Innovation at the RCN spoke at the start of the event. She started by saying that the NHS has become more efficient over the last 4 years but that further savings and efficiencies need to be made to deliver the type of care patients need.

“Procurement is an opportune way to look not only at how we can do things better but how we can make things better for the patient,” said Rose Gallagher. “Cost is important but quality and safety trump that every time”.

“The RCN can’t do this role alone. We value the work of our logistics partners.” Rose thanked NHS Supply Chain and spoke of the ‘small changes, big differences’ joint campaign. Launched in April 2015 the campaign was developed to help drive savings and promote patient safety with product quality and patient care being key factors. The programme has inspired a wide range of clinicians to share their experiences and inspire others.

Clinicians were also on hand at the event to share best practice. Nicky Morton, Senior Nurse for Clinical Procurement, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust described her she had worked closely with NHS Supply Chain and used the ‘compare and save’ reports which were “excellent”. They were able to look at their top 20 and top 100 products to see which product categories they could make savings on to “make clinical procurement decisions part of everyday practice.”

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