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Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust save £10,000 on consultant microscopes

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Tuesday 8 December 2015

Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust’s Pathology department approached NHS Supply Chain with an urgent requirement for two consultant microscopes as their procurement team were struggling with capacity to undergo a complex tendering process. In addition, the Trust needed to minimise the cost of this exercise and make savings on the products procured.

Having successfully worked with NHS Supply Chain on previous procurement projects, the Trust approached them for their support and facilitation to purchase the microscopes quickly.

Working closely with Dawn Cowhig, Senior Pathology Buyer at NHS Supply Chain, the Trust was able to define and communicate the precise needs of the clinicians who would be using the new microscopes. From there, Dawn analysed the department’s requirements and approached suitable suppliers on the Pathology Microscopes and Associated Accessories Framework, asking them to submit quotations for the Trust to compare. Once all quotes had been returned, Dawn asked the Trust to evaluate them with their pathology colleagues and make a decision as to which microscopes they would like to purchase.

“In this instance we had end users who were clear and firm on their requirements and the procurement team recognising the most cost-effective and expedient route to market, add to this a proactive NHS Supply Chain buyer engaging with keen suppliers and the result speaks for itself. This is a good, positive study as to how things can work efficiently and effectively when we have all four components of the chain working together.”

Alex Frost
Senior Capital Buyer
Royal Devon and Exeter NHS FT

From start to finish the whole process took only 11 days from initial request to placement of the orders - completely compliant with EU Public Procurement Regulations.


Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust saved £10,000 on consultant microscopes but also saved time by avoiding a potentially complex procurement exercise by working with NHS Supply Chain.

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