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Save a minimum of 10% when taking out point of sale maintenance cover

Sunday 14 May 2017

NHS Supply Chain Capital Solutions have recently developed a Multi Trust Aggregation Calendar (MTA) designed to aggregate equipment requirements across multiple Trusts to achieve savings based on volume.

Medical equipment purchased through this initiative will require some form of maintenance cover. If you take out Fully Comprehensive or Planned Preventative cover with the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) then there is a potential for us to aggregate the maintenance requirements at point of sale to drive further savings.

There are no financial implications to your Trust and, if you raise a purchase order with us for the maintenance cover, you could save a minimum of 10% by committing at the time of purchase rather than post warranty.
The maintenance package that you receive will provide the same cover level as post warranty, the only difference will be the saving(s) generated for your Trust, which can contribute to internal cost improvement targets. The maintenance contracts are also VAT reclaimable and payment will be annual in advance of post warranty.

To take out point of sale maintenance for equipment being purchased via the MTA initiative, NHS Supply Chain must receive your purchase order within 30 days of the deadline outlined on the MTA calendar.
If you would like to take advantage of the savings available when committing to a point of sale maintenance contract please contact


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