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Smarter management of consigned and high value stock with eDC gold – what could your Trust save?

Wednesday 18 June 2014

There is an estimated £1 billion of the national NHS budget attributed to consigned and high value stock; and with such a vast amount of spend, there will inevitably be complexities in managing it.

We recognised that by implementing systems and processes that make managing this cost area more effective, it could provide trusts with numerous benefits to the complex and widespread challenges that they have been routinely facing. This is where our eDC Gold inventory management system could make a real difference.

What is eDC Gold?

eDC Gold introduces essential inventory management functionality, enabling trusts to manage, track and report on high value consigned items; whilst still enjoying all of the benefits of their existing eDC system, which utilises the latest in remote electronic ordering technology, to save valuable time when reordering product.

eDC Gold allows Trusts to manage their inventory via manufacturer’s bar codes, using the existing PDA bar code scanner; providing visibility of their stock holding position at any given time, along with the capability to track product to where it is used or who has used it i.e. theatre location, consultant, patients. This enables consumption by location to be captured, which can be used to drive benefits and cost down initiatives within the Trusts and inform their procurement strategies.

"Before eDC Gold, we did not know what consignment stock we actually had.”

Clive Mosby, Head of Procurement, Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recognised the need to place governance and control at the heart of its procurement processes. The key factor in achieving this was attaining the highest levels of data transparency across all non-pay spend. The trust agreed to work with us to develop the eDC Gold managed inventory system.

The benefits

By working in partnership and through the integration of our eDC Gold system into trusts, the resulting benefits could include:

  • Up to 9% of cost avoidance (£5,000 a month) via enhanced expiry date management.
  • Up to 92% faster response in the event of product recalls.
  • Up to 74% reduction in requisition resource needed, giving clinical staff more time to spend in theatre.
  • Up to 56% reduction in order processing time.
  • Up to 40% reduction in resource to manage put-away activity.
  • Enhanced management information and internal control.
  • Improved and informed decision making capability.
  • Improved supplier relations.
  • Improved engagement between supply chain stakeholders.
  • Mid Cheshire secured 20 days a year back to Clinical and Finance teams following the implementation of eDC Gold.

For further information from Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust contact:

Clive Mosby, Head of Procurement

Paul Hardy, Receipts and Distribution Manager

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