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NHS Sustainability Day of Action 2015

NHS Sustainability Day

Are you making a pledge for NHS Sustainability Day of Action 2015?

Wednesday 4 March 2015

We are supporting NHS Sustainability Day of Action 2015.

We are signing up as a supporting organisation on the NHS Sustainability Day of Action website with the following pledges. The business pledge is what we will use to drive internal awareness, engagement and activity on the day.

Our pledges


We are committed to reducing fuel usage in our delivery vehicles by improved route planning, driver training, and load optimisation all contributing to better fuel efficiency and less emissions.


We are committed to supporting NHS Trusts in meeting the recommendations of the Hospital Food Standards Panel to drive improvements to hospital food from a sustainable and nutritional perspective.


We’ll be using the day to raise carbon awareness through our organisation; involving colleagues and encouraging them to make changes to the way they travel to work and to be more efficient with resources when they are at work.

Make your pledge here:

For more information

Colin Stuart (NHS Supply Chain)
Operational Sustainability Manager

Stephanie Gibney (NHS Supply Chain)
Ethical and Sustainability Manager

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