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Latest Sustainable Development Report 2014 out now

Sustainable Development Report 2014

The Sustainable Development Report 2014 is available to download now.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Sustainable Development Report 2014.

We outline our commitment invested in delivering both cost savings and co- sustainability benefits to trusts, and place strong emphasis on minimising the impact of the business on the environment. The report marks our achievements in our on-going delivery of the objectives outlined within our Sustainable Development Strategy 2013-16.

We detail how we are helping you to:

  • Reduce waste
  • Improve due diligence around labour standards
  • Procure sustainable and nutritious food
  • Build supply chain resilience
  • Improve the efficiency of deliveries.

Key highlights are:

  • A 40% reduction in carbon emissions since 2008 baseline levels
  • Compliance with Government Buying Standards within food and catering, helping you meet the recommendations within the Department of Health’s Hospital Food Standards Panel Report
  • Commitment to labour standards assurance, with four tenders including this as a post contract condition.

Other achievements include improving inbound logistics for key suppliers by reducing vehicle journeys, achieving a recycling rate of 87% from business waste, and supporting Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives within our communities.

You can also read case studies examples, profiling how we are helping trusts realise these sustainability benefits, and evidence of improvements to our supply chain efficiencies. Throughout the year we are rolling out further activities to continue to deliver the objectives within the strategy, and support you in meeting your sustainability and cost saving targets.

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