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Switch to recycled paper pays financially and environmentally

Tuesday 23 October 2018

Article from the Sustainable Development Unit

NHS trusts can now save carbon and pounds by switching to recycled content paper.

Making the switch to recycled paper will also save energy, water and protect valuable trees and forests which themselves capture carbon. At a national level the switch will mean the NHS will avoid £1.4m cost increases, save £0.26m and will have reduced CO2 by over 5,000 tonnes equivalent to 1,024 cars removed from the road for a year!

As part of the NHS Nationally Contracted Products (NCP) initiative, Trusts can buy an environmentally preferable alternative copier paper without compromising quality or patient care

Virgin fibre copier paper (made from non-recycled material) is 21% more expensive due to exchange rates, rising costs of pulp, utilities and distribution and increased demand from Africa, the Middle East and China. Over the last two years, paper mills have been capping supply of virgin fibre copier paper into the UK market, leading mills to impose quarterly price increases on the UK market which have added to the cost pressures to the NHS. Recycled paper is not subject to the same price increase pressure.

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