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Small changes, big differences - improving patient care and delivering over £600,000 of savings by standardising prescription dressings.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Clinicians come across many difficulties in prescribing dressings for patients. The key challenges include delays that lead to frustrated clinicians and poor patient care, wasted dressings piling up inpatients’ homes, and having no standard practice where prescriptions are based on a wide choice of dressings.

In 2013 we worked with Accelerate CIC (Community Interest Company), formerly the East London Wound Healing Centre, to put in place an off-prescription community dressings solution. Working together we undertook a standardisation of practice, leading to improved patient care and delivering cost avoidance savings of over £600,000.

"There are two bottom lines for me … one is that the patients have been found [and are visible]… and secondly that we’ve been able to demonstrate savings of £600,000 over the last five years"

Alison Hopkins, Chief Executive of Accelerate CIC

As part of the recently launched ‘small changes, big differences’ campaign working in partnership with the Royal College of Nursing and the Clinical Procurement Specialist Network, we recently worked with Alison Hopkins, Chief Executive of Accelerate CIC to revisit her key learnings from the project and to learn more about how, two years on, they are still working to 2010 budgets - watch our new video

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