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Update to NPCs for Orthopaedics products

We are updating NPCs for our Orthopaedics offering

We are updating our NPCs for our Orthopaedics products.

Wednesday 22 July 2015

We have recently been in contact with customers, including Heads of Procurement to inform them that we are making changes to codes on our Orthopaedics Frameworks. This is to cleanse duplicates from our catalogue and in preparation for our new all-inclusive Orthopaedics Framework that will launch in October 2015.

We are making these changes because the rapid growth of our Orthopaedic offering has meant that some products have become available on multiple contracts, meaning there is more than one NPC for some MPCs.

As we progress towards the new single Framework which will have an all-encompassing range of products and suppliers, we are seizing the opportunity to cleanse our data and going forward, one product will have one NPC.

What does this mean for you?

You might be using an NPC which is a duplicate version that will be removed as we transition to the new Framework and so you will therefore need to switch to a different NPC. This change may be more noticeable to those who are using:

  • Masking within Online Ordering
  • Favourites only ordering within Online Ordering
  • Third party systems with EDI

Our teams will be in touch with if you if you are affected by these changes and we will fully support you during this period. This is a process we have already successfully undertaken with our Cardiology portfolio with all trusts involved enjoying a smooth switch over process that we intend to repeat with our Orthopaedics offering.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Integration and Contract Support team, please see details below.

Chris Morris North
Sheryl Morgan Midlands
Wayne Bratcher South West and Wales
Danielle Hayes South East and London

Please note that no products at this stage have been delisted and we will fully support you with changes to code that you use. This includes providing updated catalogues detailing which codes are being removed, if you use them and what codes will replace them with.

Find out more about out new Orthopaedics offer:

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