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NHS Supply Chain leads the way for innovation

Monday 9 November 2009

Hot on the heels of its ‘Innovation Scorecard’ launch, NHS Supply Chain compiles ‘Top 10 innovations of 2009’

Following the launch of its new process – Innovation Scorecard – encouraging suppliers to register innovative products for contract consideration, NHS Supply Chain has compiled a list of its ‘Top 10 innovations of 2009’.

From combating healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) to helping save premature babies’ lives, NHS Supply Chain’s current showcase of innovative products have one similarity; they all deliver true value to the NHS.

“Innovation is vital to the NHS,” explains Emma Tandy, Task Force Manager for NHS Supply Chain. “It is key in developing and improving processes within trusts for the benefit of staff and patients alike.”

“Delivering a new product from bench to bedside can often take anywhere between three and five years. By working collaboratively with the NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC), we are recognising innovation and supporting suppliers to bring their innovative products to market. ‘Innovation Scorecard’ provides a central hub for all suppliers wishing to register new products for potential use within the NHS. It enables NHS Supply Chain to offer pilot contracts to suppliers and deliver value and innovation to trusts.

To ensure that prospective products deliver the best value to the NHS, clinical feedback is obtained via NHS Supply Chain’s Task Force network during the evaluation process.

Emma continues: “To date, we’ve received 19 new innovation submissions. All are in different areas and are at varying stages of assessment. Some will be within our remit, some won’t but if we can’t help, we will advise the supplier to talk directly to the NIC or recommend them to other supporting organisations.”

“Our definition of innovation is a product that is brand new to the NHS, or an improved product that can demonstrate significant benefits for the NHS in terms of value, efficiency or patient care. Products that fit these criteria are ideal for consideration through the new Innovation Scorecard process.”

NHS Supply Chain ‘Top Ten innovations for 2009’

  • Haemoband Surgical Suction Ligator (Seward Thackray)
    • Makes ligation quicker and easier thus saving time, cost and easing patient discomfort
  • Baby Life Support Pouch or BLiSP (BLI Healthcare)
    • BLiSP combats hypothermia in premature babies to increase the chance of survival
  • Integuseal Microbiant Sealant (Kimberley Clark)
    • Fights against surgical site infections by forming a protective layer on the skin throughout even extended surgical procedures
  • Endobronchial Blocker Tube (Smiths)
    • Simplifies endobronchial blockade of the left or right lung for procedures requiring low invasive onelung ventilation to eliminate potential loss of the airway
  • RhinoPinch® Nose Clip
    • Aids quick and effective treatment which improves patient experience and frees up clinical time and resource
  • Fios First Entry (Applied Medical)
    • Safeguard™ technology creates an open peritoneal space with minimal penetration which reduces the risk of first entry injuries
  • Single Incisional Access Port or SILS™ (Covidien UK)
    • SILS™ is the first device specifically indicated for multiple instrument access through a single incision in the patient’s navel which leaves no scar, reduced post operative discomfort and a quicker healing process
  • Vygon Timestrip
    • The Vygon Timestrip is a single use, peripheral cannula dwell time indicator which enables clinicians and patients to assess how long a cannula has been in place and facilitates improved hospital infection procedures
  • Curtain and Blind Cleaning System (OTEX)
    • By converting the air used in the curtain cleaning cycle to 90% pure oxygen, the OTEX Curtain and Blind Cleaning System uses ‘ozonated’ water to kill bacteria, viruses and superbugs such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile
  • Dyson Airblade™
    • This revolutionary hand dryer, containing a HEPA filter, hygienically dries hands by ‘scraping’ water off with a jet of air travelling at 400 miles an hour

For more information on ‘Innovation Scorecard’ and the innovative products that are available from NHS Supply Chain, visit


Note to Editors

The Innovation Scorecard process

REGISTER Suppliers register on the innovation area of NHS Supply Chain’s website (

SUBMIT The application consists of a series of questions which address the concept, value and capability of the product.

SCORE The product will be scored and submitted for consideration.

RESEARCH Every product is different so NHS Supply Chain conducts comprehensive market research/analysis and clinical feedback on products submitted.

EVALUATION If deemed innovative the product is assessed further with suppliers having an opportunity to present new products and technologies in front of an NHS Supply Chain Task Force.

CONTRACT Following Task Force feedback, if the product is perceived to benefit the NHS, NHS Supply Chain seeks to fast track its introduction into the NHS on a pilot contract.

About NHS Supply Chain

NHS Supply Chain is operated by DHL on behalf of the NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA). Its aim is to provide over £1 billion of savings to the NHS so that resources are released for customers to focus on quality frontline patient care, manage costs and achieve sustainable value. NHS Supply Chain provides its services to over 600 NHS trusts and private healthcare providers and offers over 620,000 products. It manages the entire supply chain process for medical consumables - from the sourcing of products, right through to their delivery and supply.

Key services include:

By ordering through NHS Supply Chain, trusts negate the need to tender themselves through EU processes (OJEU). This saves trusts time and money on the lengthy tendering process.

NHS Supply Chain arranges the delivery of products to the required location.

NHS Supply Chain offers an electronic system to manage all transactions, including an online catalogue, online ordering and an e-billing system.

The range of over 620,000 products includes:

  • theatres
  • nursing
  • food and facilities
  • clinical markets
  • capital equipment

Based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, UK, the business employs around 2,400 staff in eight locations.

About the NHS National Innovation Centre

The NHS National Innovation Centre (NIC) assists in the progression of pre-commercial technologies likely to benefit the NHS. The NIC supports innovations with its free-to-use, secure and confidential online tools to help assess ideas, find resources, source leads and manage product development.

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